Distribuerat Förkroppsligat Lärande för Processoperatörer i Framtida Batteriproduktion

This project aims to develop, test and implement a distributed XR-environment to educate future operators in the process industry. It is developed iterative, in continuous co creation with managing functions for education and onboarding at Northvolt, and connected to the existing educational infrastructure in Skellefteå. Focus are long-term sustainability from both environment and business model perspective, to secure long-term values. The work will result in a pilot that will be tested for recruitment and education of the operators at Northvolt.

The project is financed by Vinnova.

Project owner is RISE Research Institues of Sweden AB and Creative Crowd is a project partner.

See https://www.vinnova.se/p/distribuerat-forkroppsligat-larande-for-processoperatorer-i-framtida-batteriproduktion/