creative regions

Building game clusters since 2014


We started building game clusters in 2014 where Arctic Game Lab was our maiden mission. The team assembled consisted of experts in business development, game development and event management as well as expertise in EU and soft money funding.

Since then we have been part of a large number of game industry related projects with municipalities, regions and other organisations as our customers. Our mission is to assist in the creation of creative cities and regions outside the capital areas by using the games industry as a catalyst.

The games industry is today the largest entertainment industry in the world, it scales really well, it is born globla and it requires a lot of different talents often found in the creative and cultural industries which makes it ideal for the creation of creative regions.

The game industry is in rapid growth – but it needs new ideas, games and studios.

We help by creating game clusters together with municipalities and regions!


Our services

In the projects where we are involved
we typically work with:

Project development – Project financing – Project management
Project administration – Project implementation – International collaboration – Event organisation